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Lydecker Entrance In the leafy neighborhood of Grand Avenue, Englewood, is this entrance to SESCIL's landmark home. 
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In 1994, with $350,000 in Community Development funds, SESCIL acquired Lydecker Homestead, a designated landmark historic site located at 228 Grand Avenue in Englewood. The property was in the hands of the Lydecker family for 11 generations, dating back to the early 1700's. The house itself is a rare example of a Dutch Stone House, consisting of the south two-story section, dated 1803, and the north two-story section built in 1981. The restoration and preservation work, together with the building of a contiguous one-story building, provides excellent space for SESCIL's activities, permits community use and fosters pride in this historic treasure. In 2001 a bathroom was added to the annex fostering ease for client use, as well as making the annex a separate unit, which can be used for other community activities.